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Protected Areas Commission Board of Directors holds its first official meeting of its tenure

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The Protected Areas Commission (PAC) Board of Directors has been appointed by the cabinet to oversee the operations of the Commission so that the mission “to effectively manage Guyana’s National Protected Areas System (NPAS) and their features while ensuring they continue to add value to the lives of present and future generations” is fully realized. The newly formed Board met for the first time on Monday September 26, 2022 in the PAC’s Boardroom, Thomas Lands. 

The meeting was led by the Chairman of the Board Mr. Robert M. Persaud. Members appointed to the board were all in attendance at this inaugural meeting: Mr. Brian James, Mr. John Carpenter, Mr. Roger Yearwood, Mr. Ronald Harsawack, Ms. Pradeepa Bholanath, Ms. Omodelle George, ex-officio members – Mr. Damian Fernandes (Advisor to the Board and PAC) Mr. Kemraj Parsram( Executive Director, EPA), Mr. Joslyn Mckenzie (Permanent Secretary MONR) and Mr. Ryan Toolsiram (Permanent Secretary MOAA). Also in attendance were the ad hoc secretary to the Board Mr. Fitzroy Sealey, the Commissioner ag. (PAC) Ms. Natasha Ramdas and Mr. Jason Fraser.

During this meeting the Board attended to some critical issues facing the Commission including the need to develop a new strategic plan, improved conditions and functioning of all parks and areas under the purview of the commission.

In order to carry out its duties more efficiently, the Board has formed three subcommittees which will function to enhance the operations of the PAC. These subcommittees are the Administration and Finance Subcommittee, the Technical and Monitoring Subcommittee and the Resource and Mobilization Subcommittee. 

The PAC is a semi-autonomous government agency formed in 2012 as was allowed by the Protected Areas Act of 2011. The Act facilitated the creation of an agency – the PAC – that would take the lead to establish, manage, maintain, promote and expand the protected areas system of Guyana. The PAC’s vision is for “A world class National Protected Areas System in Guyana that protects nature and improve lives”. This vision is to be accomplished by effectively managing Guyana’s NPAS and the features of our Protected Areas (PAs) while ensuring they continue to add value to the lives of present and future generations. The PAC has a team of technical officers, administration and finance staff and support field staff working throughout the NPAS towards this vision. 


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