1. BACKGROUND       

The Protected Areas Commission (PAC), which was established at the end of 2012 following the passage of the Protected Areas Act, 2011, is responsible for establishing, managing, maintaining, promoting and expanding the National Protected Areas System (NPAS) in Guyana. The NPAS comprises both urban parks, and hinterland protected areas such as the Kaieteur National Park, Kanuku Mountains Protected Area (KMPA) and Shell Beach Protected Area. 

Preparations are being made to establish the PAC’s presence at the site level in the hinterland protected areas in order to assist in the implementation of the management plan developed for the protected area.


The Ranger will assist in carrying out the day to day activities of the assigned Protected Area, including monitoring and enforcement of the rules of the Protected Area and maintenance of its facilities.


Type of Appointment:       Individual

Duration:                             Two years, with the possibility of renewal

Place of Work:                    Any of the Areas under the Protected Areas Commission


The Ranger should have:

  • Good understanding of conservation and tourism issues in Guyana.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • A sound secondary education and able bodied.
  • Familiarity with the Protected Areas would be an asset.
  • Work experience in a conservation or tourism organization would also be an asset.


The Ranger will report to Senior Ranger or the Site Manager of the Protected Area 


The main duties of the Ranger are to:

•           Assist in facilities maintenance as it relates directly to the Protected Area/ PAC.

•           Enforce the rules and regulations of the Protected Area in accordance with the Protected Areas Act of 2011 and any amendments to this Act thereafter.

•           Guide and assist visiting scientists, tourists and PAC personnel.

•           Act as a liaison person between nearby communities and foster good relations with the same.

•           Assist with community environmental education programmes. 

•           Continue their personal development and improve their knowledge about the ecology and management of the Protected Areas.

•           Submit routine reports to the Site Manager/ Senior Warden in a timely manner.

The specific duties of the Ranger are to:


1)         Participate in inventories, wildlife surveys and other data gathering exercises required for the efficient management of the Protected Area, and as directed by the Site Manager/Senior Warden.

2)         Perform routine tasks anywhere in the Protected Area that may be required to improve operational efficiency. This will include, but will not be restricted to: development, clearing and maintenance of the trails, marking and locating trails and areas of interest to tourists, routine patrols, assisting with loading and unloading of boats, aircraft or other vehicles specific to the Protected Area and its operations. 


  1. Keep him/ herself well versed with the rules and regulations of the  Protected Area and be responsible for explaining and enforcing these to any and all protected area users. These include: enforcement of the regulations relating to fishing, hunting, logging, mining and camping access within the Protected Area and its defined buffer zone.

2)          Carry out routine patrols as required to enforce the regulations of the protected area. He/ she will prepare concise reports on any and all infractions observed in the course of patrols. It is understood that such patrols may call for protracted periods of field time, living in camp conditions.

3)          Collect and record user fee tickets in the ledger provided and report to the Site Manager/Senior Ranger any discrepancy that should occur immediately.


1)           Accompany and assist tourists on their visits to local sites of interest.  Be proactive in making the trip interesting for the tourists by pointing out sites of interest to them, explaining local history and culture, and identifying local flora, fauna, and points of interest. Carry appropriate field guides and maps to help orient the visitor, and generally look after the well- being and security of the visitor at all times.

2)          Give informative presentations to incoming groups to orientate them, explaining to them the existing rules and regulations of the Protected Area.


1)           Interpret and explain the programmes of the Protected Area and in general do everything possible to ensure positive working relations between the Commission and the communities, especially given that wardens are the key interface between the programme of the Protected Area and neighbouring communities.

2)          Give early warnings of potential misunderstanding and assist in the resolution of such events should they occur.


1)           Participate in, and successfully complete, training activities organized by the Commission to improve their skills base, and be willing to modify their schedules to accommodate these activities.

2)         Progressively upgrade their knowledge of the natural and cultural history of the Protected Area so that they are enabled to enhance the quality of experience of tourists and other visitors.


  1. Undertake basic facilities maintenance in a timely manner to ensure and improve operation efficiency. These include but are not limited to, painting, plumbing, carpentry and masonry.


  1. Prepare and submit routine reports as required by the Site Manager/Senior Warden in a timely manner.

In addition to the preceding duties and responsibilities, the Ranger will be required to carry out any other duties that may be prescribed from time to time by the Site Manager/ Senior Ranger. It is understood that this is the minimum expectancy.


The contract will be for a period of two (2) years and will be subject to six-month appraisals. The compensation package is negotiable but cannot exceed specific scales currently in place for Commissions. 


The successful candidate for the position should be available within one month of acceptance of the offer of employment. 

To apply send an email to: claudette.pac@gmail.com and info@pac.gov.gy